Registering with a GP

Registering with a GP may not be your top priority when thinking about starting university. However it is important should you require medical advice or become ill during your time at university. You are able to register before you arrive in Durham and ticking this off your list will mean you have one less thing to think about when you arrive in Durham.


Being registered with a local GP for your time at Durham University is really important. If you become unwell or need medical advice it means you can access an appointment with a doctor in a timely fashion, without having to complete paperwork when you are not feeling at your best. Furthermore, if you also experience anxiety or mental health difficulties alongside your autism, it is really useful to be registered with a GP should you need to discuss how you are feeling or changes to medication. At Disability Support we strongly advise that you register with a GP ahead of arriving in Durham or within the first week.

How could this affect me?

If you need medical advice or support and you have not registered with a GP there may be a delay in you receiving an appointment. Although the practice will make every effort to see you as soon as possible, you may be required to complete paperwork at a time when you already feel stressed and overwhelmed. This could make you feel even worse. Doing this early when you have a bit of time will feel less stressful and you will have peace of mind that the registration is completed.

What to do next?

Register with a GP ahead of arriving at Durham University

Practical tips

Your choice of medical practice will be determined by the area in which you live, so that you can get to the practice easily and a doctor can visit you if the practice considers a home visit necessary.

The practice area of the Claypath and University Medical Group covers the University and Colleges and the majority of new students register with this practice:
Claypath and University Medical Group, University Health Centre, Green Lane, Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3JX
Tel: 0191 386 5081

You can start the process of registration with Claypath and University Medical Group before you arrive in Durham, online forms can be handwritten or completed digitally using a fill in and sign tool. The practice will accept electronic versions by email, including scanned or photographed forms:

> Complete the National Health Service (NHS) Family Doctor Services Registration Form (GMS1) – Use your address in Durham on this form and not the address of your family home
complete the Confidential Patient Medical History Questionnaire

If you are a student from the United Kingdom you will need to bring your National Health Service Medical Card with you when you come to University.

Students who have a long term medical condition requiring medication are advised to ensure that they have sufficient medication for the initial couple of months in Durham, as standard practice during any registration transition.

Once you are registered with a medical practice in Durham, you will need to complete a temporary resident form when you are elsewhere in the UK and need to see a Doctor.

There are other medical practices in Durham and a full list with locations can be found at Durham Medical Practices. If you wish to register with a practice, other than Claypath and University Medial Group, please complete the (NHS) Family Doctor Services Registration Form (GMS1) and on arrival in Durham take the form to the medical practice in person with a form of photo id and proof of address.

Overseas students
The GMS1 also asks for an NHS number which you will only have if you have previously registered with a GP in the UK. If you have not previously registered then you will receive an NHS number on registration.

Note for students using Chinese email addresses:
Some Chinese email addresses may have trouble sending documents to an NHS address. If you have a Chinese email address and wish to submit your documents via email, we recommend using an iCloud, Yahoo or Outlook email address in order to avoid any issues or delays.

Additional information and links

For more information, including interactive links, please visit the ‘Register with a doctor in Durham‘ webpage from the university website

About the author

Written by Rebecca Horsfall, Disability Adviser, Durham University Disability Support. Practical advice information taken from Durham University website (link above).