Directions & Locations

The following information is provided to help you to orientate yourself with the campus of the university and city of Durham itself. This includes the departments and the colleges.

Map of Durham

The Durham tourist information website provides a handy map of the city.

Durham University

There is also information for self guided tours available on the Durham University website. This service also provides a 360 degree tour of some of the main sites on campus.

Accessibility Information

The following weblink provides vast amounts of information relating to location and accessibility, along with photos. When accessing the link, scroll to the bottom of the page where various categories will be shown, such as ‘Accommodation’ and ‘Student Union’. Support services, such as Disability Support and the Counselling Service, can be found within the ‘Other Services’ section. Within these sections you can explore further and access photos of the entrance, reception area and individual rooms. It’s a great visual resource to explore: www.accessable.co.uk/organisations/durham-university


College websites have lots of information and photographs of locations and rooms:

Departmental Websites

Arranging to visit the University